Trusted Learning Analytics for personal development

Donnerstag,  10:15 – 11:15 Uhr, Raum 6.334

Keynote Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler

Data science in education has been coined as “Learning Analytics” an
umbrella term for research from overlapping domains such as psychology,
educational science, computer and data science. Despite the great
enthusiasm currently surrounding Learning Analytics, there are substantial
privacy and ethics questions for research and organisational development
that have brought the implementation of Learning Analytics to a hold, and
in some prominent cases have even reversed it due to concerns by
governments, stakeholders and civil rights groups. The new General Data
Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) adds another layer of the complexity to
the application of Learning Analytics in Europe. These concerns result in
a lack of trust in Learning Analytics that needs to be addressed in order
to unfold the expected benefits of it. This all raises a climate that
demands a different approach to Learning Analytics in Europe. Within this
talk, we shortly touch on what Learning Analytics are, highlight the
concerns that come with the application of Learning Analytics, and finally
draw a new approach towards Learning Analytics that we call: Trusted
Learning Analytics.